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Who We Are


Méli Coiffure & Boutique is a trusted, vegan beauty and wellness salon, founded in 2016 in Laval, QC.


This place is known to have the best hair products and services to help treat, grow and heal your hair. They even specialize in hair color services, taking the healthy route for healthy beautiful hair, in colorful styles. You can buy all your naturally-based, non-toxic, and highly performing, 100% vegan hair products at their boutique. Make-up services are also available!

You can even get your body HEALTH ON!
Were you looking for a NATURAL ALTERNATIVE?


This salon is the first salon in the Laval, Qc area to offer Red + Near infrared light therapy! Their light therapy is the process in which certain colors of light are used to trigger naturally occurring physiological processes in the body, including cellular aid and nitric oxide release. Clinical studies show nitric oxide can help increase and support basic functions in nearly every part of the body including, but not limited to, increased circulation, stimulated collagen production, increased lymphatic system activity, and decreased nervous excitability. It does so much more! Read our Light Therapy page!

Red light therapy is non-invasive, non-abrasive, and safe for all ages. It is a natural alternative and an effective one at that! Isn’t that amazing?!

All our products and services are high-quality and offered with care and passion, for a luxurious and enjoyable experience. We are known for our quality services and provide you with an exclusive one-on-one experience to serve you best, as you are a valued guest at Meli Coiffure et Boutique.

Quality means absolutely everything to us which is why we offer the best professional hair products and vegan, natural alternatives to your daily routine.

We stay true and authentic to the quality of our products and services.

Our goal for each of our guests’ hair, is that they leave our salon with strong, beautiful, healthy looking hair.


All of our salon products are also available for purchase online at or directly in boutique so you can keep up with your naturally-based haircare routine for a highly noticeable hair transformation for each individual's needs.


We want to encourage a healthier lifestyle using naturally-based ingredients and healthy alternatives. Pricing is considered affordable, considering the quality and services offered in our salon.


We welcome the whole family into our salon for a healthier, happier you. 

Your hair will thank you! We thank you for your trust and commitment to a better life.

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